PROMPERÚ's service export promotion program

Since 2004, the PROMPERÚ Service Export Promotion Program seeks to turn the service sector into a new source of exportable, competitive, and value-added offer. This initiative, created and promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) and PROMPERÚ, aims to ensure that national service providers are recognized in the world as developers of specialized, competitive, innovative business solutions oriented to the needs of their clients.

Lima is the seventh capital with the conditions to do business in Latin America, according to the ranking of cities in issue No. 013 of the magazine “América Economía”. Thus, Peru represents an important opportunity for the supply of a service from a resident to another non-resident, as defined by the WTO this type of program according to the General Agreement on Trade in Services.

In this way, some of the objectives of this program are:

Position Peru as a country that develops specialized services.
Improve the capacities of companies to participate in the international market.
Achieve a greater presence of companies with subsidiaries in international markets.

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