Special economic zones (SEZ)

The SEZs are geographical spaces defined in the national territory that promote the development of productive activities and services, subject to special and flexible regulations in the tax and customs area different from the rest of the country, which allows attracting investment and generating employment to through the companies that decide to settle in them.

In Peru there are currently seven (7) SEZs created by law, with four (4) in operation: Tacna (ZOFRATACNA), Piura (ZED PAITA), Moquegua (ZED ILO) and Arequipa (ZED MATARANI).

The SEZs are a tool to promote foreign trade in Peru and enhance the geostrategic advantages of the regions where they are located, achieving the objectives of improving the prosperity of the region, reducing logistical barriers, stimulating the economy, reducing the unemployment rate, promote the expansion of infrastructure and development of new technology.

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